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TNC Physicals

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TNC Physicals are a group of medical examinations required before someone starts driving or applies for a driving license. This is a specialized physical for people who are driving for a living.  Professional drivers ranging from taxi drivers to commercial truckers are frequently required to get a TNC physical.  These physicals are adopted to check for certain medical conditions which can inhibit the ability to drive safely.

A medical provider will perform an examination and then issue a report declaring that you are in good condition to drive or apply for the driving license.

These physicals are also useful for checking health conditions and preventing any serious health issues.


Some of the basic requirements for TNC include that the driver is in the good health. TNC physicals require checking limb movement, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, and even for mental disorders.

TNC physicals also include eyesight and hearing checks.  A medical history including details about medical conditions, drug use or abuse, or alcohol use are asked.

In some cases, drug screening tests are conducted to rule the possibility of drug use like cocaine, heroin, or marijuana, which some drivers might take to keep them awake for longer routes.

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