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At-Home Covid Test Validation

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If you have purchased or have otherwise received an at-home Covid test, testing validation through our office may be exactly what you need. Without validation from a healthcare professional, the results of at-home Covid tests are unlikely to be accepted for travel, events or work clearance.

AfterOurs has the solution you’ve been searching for: healthcare-provider-supervised home testing. At-home Covid test validation is conducted through a video call, making it incredibly safe and convenient. No traveling needed, just a video link on your computer, cell phone, or tablet!

After the call, the healthcare professional sends you official test-result documentation, which you can use for travel, concerts, and everything else you’ve been missing.

How Does At-Home Covid Test Validation Work?

After you have obtained your at-home test kit, visit this site to request your remote proctoring exam.

You will be connected with a member of our staff, who will confirm your payment of $50. They will then engage you in a video conference via an easy-to-use weblink.

Our staff member will guide you through the at-home Covid test validation process as they monitor you taking the sample and preparing it for the results. Our staff member must have constant visual contact with the sample.

When your test results are confirmed, we will email you a signed letter indicating your negative or positive result. If you have any questions for the provider, they will be available for consultation upon request.

Need a Test?

Don’t have a test or need a PCR or molecular test? We have you covered at our four locations, which are open until 11 p.m. every night. For in-office tests most patients will have results within 20 minutes.

Find Out More

To learn more about at-home Covid test validation or about coming in for a test at one of our locations, contact AfterOurs Urgent Care today. Our skilled and experienced medical professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have.