AfterOurs Clinics - Colorado
AfterOurs Clinics - Colorado

Trusted Medical Partner Referrals

AfterOurs Urgent Care clinics receive a large amount of patient referrals from family practice doctors. Unlike other urgent care providers, our medical clinics support and augment the services available from conventional family medical practices.

Referrals from primary care doctors actually result in about 25% of the patients that visit our medical clinics. By keeping hours on weekends and evenings, we can offer urgent healthcare services when most family medical offices are closed. By partnering with AfterOurs, family doctors are able to provide a more comprehensive, considerate and effective level of care.

AfterOurs complements family doctors offices

AfterOurs is not in competition with these family doctors, but instead offers urgent care services that complement the family medical practice. We do not prescribe medication and will not manage the treatment of diabetes. AfterOurs does not offer regular maintenance services such as vaccinations, annual physicals, or other preventative-type medical care. Also, we will not provide follow-up care at our urgent care clinics unless requested by the primary physician. AfterOurs is intended as an enhancement of the family medical practice and we are not in direct competition with the family doctors who refer patients.

This often means a referral to a local family physician who is expert in providing primary healthcare services for children, adults and families. This may also mean that we send a patient directly to the emergency room if their condition threatens life or limb. The bottom line is that at AfterOurs, we are committed to the health of our patients and will recommend the appropriate medical services even if they are not provided through AfterOurs Urgent Care clinics. This is why we generate many patient leads for primary care providers.

Service / Program

AfterOurs refers thousands of patients for regular, primary care.

Furthermore, at AfterOurs we refer thousands of patients to primary family medical offices, making this a two way street. Our staff and physicians will suggest primary care doctors and specialists of all kinds. We are happy to forward medical records to featured physicians to provide follow-up care following an injury or illness treated in the urgent care clinic. We are committed to directing our patients to the proper doctors, hospitals, and facilities based on their condition, illness or disability.


AfterOurs Urgent Care represents a valuable addition to any existing medical practice. By offering our medical care services during evenings and on weekends, a conventional family practice can expand its capabilities, provide more comprehensive care, and also offer caring support when their patients need urgent care. Our urgent care clinics are not a replacement for primary medical care but instead enhance the typical family practice with urgent care capability. AfterOurs accepts most major medical insurance carriers and offers services at about half the cost of a trip to the emergency room, or a hospital stay.

More urgent than primary care, but less critical than emergency medicine, our health clinics bridge the gap and provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive emergency medical services. This way individuals and families are covered even if their primary care physician is out of the office, or away on vacation.

Physicians who partner with AfterOurs can rest assured that they have a backup plan in case a patient needs urgent medical care during evenings or weekends.