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Functional Medicine

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AfterOurs Urgent Care is pleased to partner with Spire Health Pathways to offer patients convenient access to providers of functional medicine in Denver. This specialized field is ever-expanding as healthcare professionals and patients alike are seeing the benefits of this comprehensive approach that goes beyond symptom management. By working with a functional medicine provider, patients can be empowered with knowledge that can fundamentally change their overall health and wellness.
Functional Medicine

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a comprehensive approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of the condition, rather than just treating the symptoms. This approach considers the patient’s history, lifestyle, and unique biochemical factors to develop a personalized treatment plan. It integrates traditional Western medical practices with what is sometimes considered “alternative” or “integrative” medicine, emphasizing prevention through nutrition, diet, and exercise. Functional Medicine seeks to give patients a more active role in their health and wellness.

How Is Functional Medicine Different?

Functional medicine seeks to identify and address the root causes of diseases. It treats the body as an interconnected system, emphasizing the patient’s unique environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease.

What Are the Benefits of Functional Medicine?

The benefits of functional medicine include a comprehensive understanding of your health and well-being. It focuses on prevention and addressing the underlying causes of your health issues, leading to more effective and long-lasting solutions. Patients often experience improved outcomes for chronic conditions, increased energy levels, and better overall health.

What Conditions Does It Treat?

Functional medicine is effective in treating a wide range of conditions, particularly chronic diseases. These include, but are not limited to, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, metabolic syndromes, and mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It also addresses conditions related to environmental exposures and genetic predispositions. By focusing on the unique factors affecting each patient, Functional Medicine provides targeted treatment plans that can lead to better management of these conditions.

Candidates for Functional Medicine

Ideal candidates for Functional Medicine include individuals looking for a deeper understanding of their health issues and those seeking more than just symptom management. It is particularly beneficial for patients with chronic health conditions who have not found relief through conventional treatments. People interested in preventive healthcare and wanting to optimize their health and wellness also benefit from this approach. Essentially, anyone willing to actively participate in their journey towards better health is a good candidate for Functional Medicine.

Treatment Consultation

The consultation process in Functional Medicine is thorough and personalized. It begins with a detailed review of your medical history, lifestyle, diet, and any factors that could influence your health. This might include laboratory testing to gain insights into your unique biochemical processes. The practitioner then works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that may include dietary changes, supplements, exercise, and stress management strategies.

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Contact us for more information or to obtain a referral for consultation. Through our partnership with Spire Health Pathways, we provide patients convenient access to expert providers of functional medicine in Littleton, Thornton, and Denver, Co.