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Abscess Drainage

An abscess forms when bacteria gets below the skin. Pus begins to build up under the skin causing swelling, redness, and pain. Cuts, scrapes, and bug bites can turn into abscesses if they aren’t kept clean, and shaving or waxing can create a pathway for bacteria to invade the skin. Parts of your body with more sweat glands, like your armpits, groin, and genital area, are more prone to abscesses. In breastfeeding mothers, untreated mastitis can develop into an abscess requiring drainage.

If you have pain and localized redness under your skin, if you have swelling or warmth, or if pus begins to ooze out, seek urgent medical treatment because an abscess may be forming.

Abscess Treatment

Most abscesses require surgical incision and drainage, particularly if you develop a fever or have pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney problems and/or receiving the medical treatments such as dialysis, chemotherapy or steroids.

At CityMD urgent care, our doctors will numb the area using a topical anesthetic. We’ll make an incision on the abscess with a small surgical knife and drain out the pus. Once the pockets are drained, we’ll pack the abscess with sterile gauze to prevent the pus from reforming.

Upon completion of the treatment, we’ll book you a follow-up appointment in two days to examine the wound and determine if you need further treatment.

How to get rid of an abscess?

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