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Merchant Guard Physicals

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Merchant guard physicals are a type of physical examination to determine if a person is fit to work as a security guard. These physical tests or examinations are a requirement for some security guard companies.

These physicals determine if the prospective employee is fit, healthy, and free of medical conditions or physical limitations that may prevent that person from performing their duties in the best possible way.


Merchant Guard physicals are performed by a qualified medical professional who has sufficient knowledge, experience, and licensure to perform such tests on an individual.

Before the exam, the medical professional will obtain necessary and relevant information from the candidate regarding their medical history.  This includes taking a history of medical disorders.  Then, a physical examination will be performed. This exam typically looks at coordination, eyesight, reflexes, movement of certain body parts, muscle strength and tone, and cognitive ability.

In some cases, checking blood pressure, monitoring cardiac, renal, or lung functions may be done to ensure that the body is healthy.

If a drug test is required by the employer, the medical provider will take a hair sample, mouth swab, urine, or blood sample to identify any underlying drug use. The examiner authorized to conduct these physicals may ask some questions related to alcohol use or abuse, or what over-the-counter medications the candidate is using.

In order to determine the level of fitness, the candidate may be asked to walk from one place to another or to bend and pick up objects. These small physicals are performed to check the strength of muscles. The candidate may be asked about any previous surgeries or any symptoms that he or she may have experienced. Once the history and exam are completed, the medical provider will write a report with recommendations as to the fitness of the prospective employee.

Importance of physicals

The importance of conducting these physicals is stated below:

  • Security guard work can be physically and mentally grueling.  It is important to determine that a person is healthy enough to face these issues prior to them starting employment.
  • Regular physical examinations are good to detect problems even before they start. These are good for finding the diseases when your chances of getting treatment and cure are better. These physicals help in getting the right treatment on time increasing the chances of a healthy life.

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Merchant Guard physicals are performed at AfterOurs Urgent Care. 

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