AfterOurs Clinics - Colorado
AfterOurs Clinics - Colorado

Worried about how much your visit will cost?

Worry no more with our up-front pricing! Telemedicine visits are $75. Minimum to see provider in-clinic is $175 but no matter what care you require, we will never charge more than $330!

Tests & Treatments

One service from below would be $250. Two or more from below would be $330 but no matter what else you need your cost never goes higher than $330!

  • RRapid Flu Test
  • REar Lavage
  • REye Wash
  • RInjection
  • REKG
  • RXray
  • RSTI Blood Draw with Pelvic Exam
  • RWound Irrigation and Debridement by Medical Assistant
  • RMinor Foreign Body Removal


One service below would be $330 but no matter what else you need your cost never goes higher than $330! Keep in mind this is not a complete listing of all possible procedures.

  • RIVs *call prior to confirm availability*
  • RSuture Repair (stitch, staple, or glue)
  • RFracture Care / Splinting
  • RWound Irrigation & Debridement performed by Provider with Instrumentation
  • RTreatment with Cautery
  • RAbscess Drainage
  • RComplicated Foreign Body Removal

Standalone Self Pay Services Pricing

  • RTelehealth Visit/Virtual Visit - $75
  • RTDAP Shot - $100
  • RTNC Physical Exam - $50
  • RSports/School Physical Exam - $40
  • RMerchant Guard Physical - $65
  • RTd Shot (no injury) - $65
  • RFlu Shot - $35
  • RUrine Drug Screen - $50
  • RTB (Tuberculosis) Testing - $70 ($35 for test administration, $35 for test interpretation)

Telehealth visits are $75 and if you end up needing to come to the clinic, your payment will count toward our in clinic pricing.

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