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Minor Burns

Nurse is taking care of patient with burns,cleaning wound

Burns affecting a small part of your body are termed minor burns. Burns can be categorized into four levels of severity which are as follows:

  • Superficial: Involves only the topmost layer of the skin known as the epidermis.
  • Superficial partial thickness: Injury includes the epidermis and a portion of the next layer down, known as the dermis.
  • Deep partial thickness: Involves more than half of the thickness of the skin, including the deep dermis.
  • Full thickness: The injury includes the entire thickness of the skin and may impact muscles, vessels, nerves, or bones.


Minor burns are characterized by the inflammatory reaction to the burn followed by the accumulation of watery clear fluid at the burn site.

When you suffer from a burn, your vessels at the burn site undergo dilation, and fluid comes out of them, resulting in inflammatory swelling. Skin disfigures as a result of the high temperature of the burn. Prominent redness of the skin at the burn site also occurs.


Following are some causes of minor burns:

  • Dry burns: occur most commonly when you have touched a hot object accidentally.
  • Wet burns: you can suffer from these burns if any hot boiling liquid spills out on you while handling it. These burns most commonly occur at home while cooking.
  • Chemical burns: Chemical burns are more commonly associated with workplace or industrial injuries. These burns may be very severe and classify as a medical emergency.
  • Fire burns: these burns occur as a result of mishandling with fire.
  • Electric burns: the burns that occur as a result of direct contact with an electricity source are known as electric burns.


The treatment of minor burns includes:

  • Cool the burned skin with cool water, do not use ice for this purpose.
  • Then clean it with soap and water while taking care of the blisters so they do not erupt, because their rupture can lead to infections.
  • Keep the overlying skin moist, An antibiotic ointment works well for this
  • For pain management, over-the-counter NSAIDs may be used.

If in doubt about the severity of the burn, seek medical assistance for more advanced treatments.

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When to visit a doctor:
Minor burns are common. If in doubt about the severity of a burn, seek advice from a medical provider. Immediate medical attention can prevent further damage and prevent permanent disfigurement.

Treatment for minor burns is available at AfterOurs Urgent Care.

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