Cold, Flu, or Allergy? December 6, 2017

https://newsinhealth.nih.gov/2014/10/cold-flu-or-allergy You’re feeling pretty lousy. You’ve got sniffles, sneezing, and a sore throat. Is it a cold, flu, or allergies? It can be hard to tell them apart because they share so many symptoms. But understanding the d...

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Apple Launches App to Detect Irregular Heart Rhythm December 5, 2017

Apple (AAPL -  Read More

What to Expect This Flu Season December 4, 2017

For many patients, spring is when the flu season gives way to allergy season. But for health care providers, spring is the time to start preparing for the next flu season.

In fact, the most common setting for children and adults to receive their Read More

Saving Money on Healthcare December 3, 2017


Want to pay less for healthcare? Check out this article that covers some great yet less discussed ideas for lowering  medical expenses.


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Emergency Room vs Urgent Care December 2, 2017

Differences in Services & Costs

The debate over receiving treatment at a hospital emergency room versus treatment from an urgent care center is worth having for anyone concerned about medical debt, especially ...

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