About Us

About Us


To be the most trusted solution in managing unplanned care


  • Honesty – We will always tell the truth and keep people informed
  • Integrity – We will do what is right and in the client’s best interest
  • Compassion – We care about our clients. We see ourselves in them and the best in them
  • Commitment – We do what we say. We surpirse our clients through our efforts
  • Teamwork – The Utlimate Superpower. We share the responsibility and the rewards
  • Development – We learn and share. We honor the trust placed in us to handle your care
  • Trust & Faith – We are supported. We put the client first without fear of consequence


  • We are humble
  • We are committed to service and our community
  • We enthusiastically support our team members
  • We are committed to the primary care physician patient relationship
  • We are committed to empowering patients and physicians
  • We ensure our patients reach the right place of service

Gauging Our Success

AfterOurs Urgent Care wants to hear from you! Our patients' feedback provides immense value by enabling our continual service refinement, propelling us closer to our mission of providing each patient with a one of a kind experience! Below we have taken the liberty of including an assortment of feedback for transparency and your convenience.  


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The AfterOurs Commitment

Patient Promise

Caring for you goes well beyond the walls of our clinic. At every step, we will keep you safe and informed. We understand and respect how you feel. We will surprise you with our commitment and make you feel confident that we are here for you.

Stewardship Agreement

Each of us here at AfterOurs firmly believe in the tenets of our Stewardship Agreement. This is a pledge we make with ourselves and each other before taking on the incredible responsibility of caring for others. See our Stewardship Agreement by clicking here