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Contacts: Jennifer Rehm
Marketing Director

Denver, Colo. (January 29, 2008)-With the opening of its third Denver area clinic, AfterOurs Urgent Care expects to save the Denver community over $500,000 dollars a month in unnecessary emergency room (ER) costs. These clinics will allow stressed Denver area ER's to deal with more critical illnesses; the main reason they exist.

By leasing clinic space from successful daytime physician practices for use nights, weekends, and holidays, AfterOurs reduces their capital investment by 70 to 80 percent vs. typical urgent care centers, allowing them to staff their centers much later than other urgent care centers, as well as pass along huge cost savings to their customers and insurance providers. Utilization of an electronic medical records system, and a virtually paperless office environment make the sharing of space possible.

“Many systems continue to invest in ER infrastructure, but much of the solution for ER
overcrowding is tied to people choosing the appropriate place of service. Our health system partners see that creating appropriate system access points to improve the overall patient experience, while not competing with their community physicians, will produce a competitive advantage”, said Christopher Rehm, AfterOurs’ Executive Director.  Though AfterOurs is largely affiliated with HealthONE, Denver's largest health system, they do not plan on stopping in Denver. The upstart company has completed a joint venture with Omaha’s largest health system, Alegent Health of Omaha, with 3 to 5 clinics planned. The first Alegant Health AfterOurs Urgent Care clinic will open in February of this year. St. David's Healthcare of Austin has also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for development options that could support up to 10 clinics in the Austin area. AfterOurs expects to be in up to twenty markets with up to 100 clinics before all is said and done.


About AfterOurs Urgent Care
AfterOurs Urgent Care is dedicated to providing high quality, low cost, efficient healthcare services when physician offices are closed. Formed in 2005-AfterOurs operates clinics in Denver, Highlands Ranch, and Thornton. Visit for more information.

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