Indoor Allergens


Allergies not only affect people outdoors but indoors as well. There are many things that can cause allergies to flare, including dust mites, pet dander, and kitchen and bath mold. Some common allergy triggers are listed below, along with simple ways to reduce them:


Dust Mites – Use hypoallergenic bedding and wash bedding frequently in hot water (130+ degrees Fahrenheit), vacuum regularly using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, and if possible, eliminate carpeting from your home.

Pet Dander – Keep pets off of furniture and out of your bedroom, vacuum regularly using a HEPA filter, and bathe your pets bi-weekly (can cause skin irritation).


Bath & Kitchen Mold – Clean bathrooms and kitchens regularly, not allowing surfaces to stay wet or damp, and do not leave damp clothing/towels lying around.


Indoor Pollen - Keep windows closed and move indoor plants that are causing irritation, dust regularly, and use an air conditioner (AC) with an allergy reducing filter, which you change at least every three months.


Dust – Vacuum using a HEPA filter and dust regularly using a damp cloth.

Cockroaches – Call an exterminator if you see one, chances are there are more. Keep all kitchen surfaces clean and vacuum regularly.


HVAC System Maintenance – Check vents for mold, if you think you have any allergens built-up in vents, contact an air duct cleaning company. Services, quality, and prices vary greatly, so make sure to ask for references or research several companies’ reputation online, before hiring one.


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