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After Ours Inc. (AOI) now offers flu shots to protect against the flu before the flu season even begins. Healthcare professionals and leading physicians recommend that all people over six months of age get vaccinated against the flu virus every flu season. Children under two years of age, adults over fifty years of age, and healthcare providers dealing with infants are especially in need of regular flu shots. 

AOI offers medical care during weekends, holidays and other off hours to make sure your family is cared for at all times. Flu shots may be offered at grocery stores or drug stores but at AfterOurs Inc., the professional staff will provide a safer and more comfortable environment than any retail outlet. Ask us about any alternative delivery methods such as influenza vaccine administered via nasal spray. AOI intends to provide a safe and convenient environment and premium healthcare for the whole family. 

Protect your family with flu shots and vaccinations from AfterOurs Inc.

Everyone over six months should get the flu vaccine but it is especially important for people that are at risk from the devastating effects of flu symptoms. This includes young children who spend time in crowded classrooms, elderly patients with weakened immune systems or pre-existing health conditions, and healthcare providers that can transmit the flu virus in hospitals, hospices and doctor’s offices.

AOI offers the annually updated flu vaccine as a shot or as a nasal application, as well as additional common vaccinations for children and adults, and also vaccinations and immunizations for those who are travelling outside the United States. There are many additional diseases and viruses that are no longer an issue inside the U.S., but may still be encountered overseas. Many young children, elderly, as well as anyone travelling internationally, may require additional vaccinations or immunizations such as:

Measles, Mumps and Rubella         • Hepatitis A and B
Influenza Tetanus Shots
Human Papillomavirus Pneumonia
Polio Chicken Pox
Rabies Meningitis

Even if your shots, vaccinations and immunizations are up to date and current, you should still get a flu shot every year before the start of the flu season. Since the various flu bugs are always changing, you should be vaccinated with the latest flu vaccine to ensure you are protected. Flu can be fatal for the elderly as well as for children and adults that have other health conditions. For an individual with a weakened immune system, a flu shot may be life-saving. In virtually all situations, a flu shot is an attractive alternative to the fevers, aches and missed work days that accompany a full-blown case of the flu. 

AfterOurs Inc. flu shots, vaccinations and immunizations are available to the people and families of the Denver Metro Area. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of an Urgent Care Clinic dedicated to your well-being, the healthy development of your children, and the health of your family in general. Visit the Locations page for further options on where you can get flu shots and vaccinations, and protect the family this flu season. 

AfterOurs Inc. offers expertly delivered flu shots for the whole family.

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