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Influenza AB Vaccination Available in Colorado Tomorrow
AfterOurs Urgent Care Now Providing Adult Vaccinations, Pediatric Vaccination Not Yet Available

Denver, Colorado (August 31, 2009) –Colorado urgent care provider, AfterOurs Urgent Care, will receive its first shipment of influenza AB vaccinations, for persons 18 years of age or older, tomorrow. While vaccinations for persons under 18 won’t be available for another 10 to 14 days, healthcare providers are recommending that adults receive their vaccination now.

“Though we usually don’t receive the influenza vaccination this early in the year, we’re glad to have it. We’re already treating patients positive for influenza, and many of our patients are reporting severe symptoms”, said Chris Rehm, Executive Director of AfterOurs Urgent Care. “While we don’t yet have the flu vaccination for pediatric use, we’re able to provide shots to patients over 18 years of age. For families with children and young adults, we recommend that adult family members receive their shot now, rather than waiting for the pediatric shot to become available. That should help reduce the incidence of flu in the home.”

While only the influenza AB vaccination is currently available in Colorado, AfterOurs Urgent Care is on the State of Colorado’s waiting list to receive the H1N1 vaccination. The state health department will distribute the H1N1 vaccination based upon several factors, including a healthcare provider’s hours, and accessibility of care to persons at risk for contracting H1N1. AfterOurs is waiting to hear whether or not the state will select any of its clinics for H1N1 distribution.

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