Shoulder Impingement May Occur After Improper Training and Shoulder Muscle Imbalances


Shoulder problems are one of the most common types of sport injuries that specialists in sports medicine have to treat, especially in individuals who performShoulder Injury repetitive shoulder movements, lift weights or perform throwing movements. The shoulder is a complex joint that contains bones, such as the scapula, the humerus and the clavicle, connected through several ligaments and attached muscles. In fact, the rotator cuff is one of the most complex bone-muscle structure in the body, and so any imbalances or inadequate, repetitive tension on it can lead to serious injuries. Baseball and tennis players, swimmers and weightlifters are especially vulnerable to shoulder injuries, but virtually any athlete can develop shoulder problems if training is incorrect or the recovery period after workouts is insufficient. At our walk in clinic, highly skilled medical specialists knowledgeable in sports medicine can evaluate your shoulder problems and come up with a solid treatment plan for recovery and a gradual return to athletic activities or work. After a thorough physical examination and precisely targeted X-rays, our doctors will formulate the diagnosis and proceed by providing gentle medical care to restore the full range of motion of your shoulder joint. 

Muscle Imbalances are the Primary Cause of Shoulder Injuries 

The shoulder joint has muscles attached in the front and in the back of the rotator cuff, with several small stabilizing muscles to keep the joint well fixed during movements. Most athletes have very well developed front muscles, such as the chest or the pecs, the front portion of the deltoid muscle and the biceps. These are massive, tight muscles that can pull the shoulder towards the front, a condition sometimes known as rolled over or hunched shoulders. The muscles that oppose the front muscles and stabilize the shoulder joint are the back muscles, which are smaller and rarely trained. These are the rear portion of the deltoid muscle, the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, the rhomboid and the trapezius muscle. Some individuals can have very strong chest and arm muscles, but have a very weak back, with leaves the shoulder with a muscle instability and creates conditions for shoulder impingement. Our superbly trained urgent care specialists recommend to train all muscle groups equally to avoid shoulder imbalances and trauma. Dedicate some time to training the small stabilizing muscles of the shoulder and back rather than focusing entirely on the massive chest, deltoid and biceps muscles. Our experienced doctors at our New Jersey urgent care clinic can recommend a solid fitness program to start stabilizing your shoulder and avoid injury in the future. 

Failing to Address Shoulder Muscle Imbalances can Result in Shoulder Impingement 

If you train incorrectly for a sustained period of time, then you are at risk for shoulder impingement, which is manifested as the narrowing of the space between the bones where the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles pass. The inflammation causes pain, limits the shoulder range of motion and can even cause nerve compression if severe enough. After an accurate diagnosis through X-rays, shoulder impingement at our urgent care clinic in Robbinsville facility.  usually being treated with anti-inflammatory medications, stretching techniques, a good shoulder rehabilitation program and adequate rest. If surgery is needed, our highly trained doctors at the AfterOurs walk in clinic can make sure to recommend an experienced surgeon to evaluate your shoulder pain. 

Drug Testing to be Administered at Our Location in Robbinsville, New Jersey


Drug screening is used mainly to evaluate current or potential employees in safety-sensitive industries, such as aviation, military and law enforcement, orNew Jersey Drug Screening transportation, as required by the US federal law. In other industries and fields, drug tests are not mandatory on a federal level, but their application is regulated on the state or local level, and in most cases, the decision to test a job candidate is made by the employer on a case-by-case basis. New Jersey state laws do not regulate testing employees for drugs unless they work in safety-sensitive industries, which are regulated on a federal level. Private employers and organizations may formulate their own requirements and may ask job candidates to take an employee drug test if they consider that the job responsibilities are not compatible with drug consumption. Accurate and time-efficient drug testing can be performed at our new urgent care Robbinsville clinic in New Jersey. Testing for drug consumption is also extensively used in sports, where the administration of steroids, hormones, stimulants and other performance-enhancing substances is largely prohibited. 

Quick Drug Detection Tests in Our Urgent Care New Jersey Walk In Clinic 

If your potential or current employer asks you to take a drug test as part of your performance evaluation or to determine your eligibility for a job position, there is no need to panic. Drug tests may be time-consuming in large medical facilities, such as hospitals, and may be associated with decent amounts of paperwork before you receive the final results and submit them to your employer. On the other hand, drug screening tests can be performed rapidly at the AfterOurs urgent care clinics because time and resource management in smaller medical units is usually better when compared to large hospital settings with several departments. Testing for drug consumption may include substances such as amphetamines, cocaine, benzodiazepines, also known as sleeping pills, opiates or opium-derived drugs, certain painkillers with a potential for abuse, barbiturates and other substances. The tests can reveal the original drug, derivatives or metabolites. The results are provided quickly so that you don’t waste your precious time when trying to apply for a job. If your test results are positive, we can evaluate the situation and repeat the tests. In some cases, individuals who take medication for a medical condition can have falsely positive results, which does not mean that they abuse drugs. These situations can be evaluated and addressed efficiently if you benefit from the advice of our superbly trained medical staff. 

Drug Testing at our Urgent Care Clinic is a Simple, Non-Painful Medical Procedure 

Screening tests for drugs involve the collection and the analysis of biological samples, such as the urine, the blood or saliva of the tested individual, depending on which drug is tested. Our skilled medical personnel quickly collects the suitable biological sample and directs it to the lab for a rapid testing. The collection procedure is simple and is not associated with any pain or discomfort. Don’t hesitate to talk about your drug testing concerns with our medical staff, or schedule an appointment for a quick, professionally implemented employee drug test. 

Swimming is a Safe Way to Develop the Muscles with a Low Risk for Sports Injuries


I am ten years old, I love sports very much, and I play soccer at school. A few days ago, I had to visit a doctor who knows a lot about sports injuries at theSports Injury walk in clinic in Highlands Ranch because I had a bothersome pain and swelling in my ankle. It happened during my soccer training at school when I tripped and fell. During the fall, my leg twisted a little bit so the fall was ugly and painful. Fortunately, I received gentle and compassionate medical care from the experienced staff at the urgent care clinic. After two X-rays, the doctor said that it was an ankle sprain, which is easily treatable with rest, drugs that reduce the swelling and a good nutrition for recovery. My mother was very worried about my ankle, and she asked the doctor whether it was wise for me to continue my soccer training. I certainly did not expect this discussion, and I was quite worried that my mother would be against soccer in the future. However, after an interesting conversation with my doctor, who seemed to know a lot about sports medicine and sports injuries, my mother was more relaxed and willing to let me continue my “athletic career”. 

There are Sports that Have a Lower Impact on the Joints and Cause Injuries Less Frequently 

The doctor who examined the X-rays and took care of my ankle answered the question that my mother had about sports that do not cause injuries. As it turns out, no sport is completely safe, and sprains and strains can happen with virtually every boy or girl who is practicing sports. Perhaps chess would be safe, but I am not interested in it. Even dancing is associated with injuries. However, the doctor talked about his preference for swimming when it comes to recommending a sport for children, who have insufficiently developed bones, ligaments and muscles compared to adults. High-impact sports, such as weightlifting, boxing, or football, can have a negative effect on one’s health and growth at a young age because the risk for injuries is very high. Even “child-friendly” sports like soccer, gymnastics, baseball or basketball can result in injuries that may require the attention of a doctor. On the other hand, swimming is an excellent sport for growing children because there is no direct impact on the joints and the muscles are trained in a gradual and safe manner. Certainly, highly competitive swimmers can have injuries as any other athletes, but swimming for children is surprisingly safe and healthy because the water takes the pressure off the spine and the joints, and severe injuries are almost impossible. 

Doctors at the Urgent Care Locations in Denver, Thornton and Highlands Ranch are Experienced in Treating Children with Sports Injuries 

My mother was enthusiastic about my doctor’s recommendation to consider swimming as a healthy way to develop my muscles without risking injuries or health problems. I must admit, I would love to try swimming because it seems like a fun activity. I must learn to swim first, though. I am sure a good swimming instructor can help me with that. I am very grateful for the gentle medical care at the AfterOurs walk in clinic and for the great advice on how to avoid injuries in the future. 

The Cost and Time Effectiveness of X-Rays in Urgent Care Clinics


X-rays are a basic diagnostic tool when evaluating a patient with an injury, a rheumatic disease or joint problems, lung disease, or some other abnormalityX-ray Clinic affecting the heart, lungs or bones. X-rays are not routinely used to investigate the digestive organs, unless a specific contrast substance is used, or the brain, because there are other imaging tools, such as the ultrasound examination or MRI, which offer better images of these organs. At our New Jersey Urgent Care clinic, you don’t have to deal with extensive paperwork or waste time waiting to have a simple X-ray scan performed and then carefully evaluated by our experienced medical care professionals. Although an emergency room is a well-equipped and staffed medical unit, as part of a hospital, the majority of patients complain about numerous obstacles and delays they encounter when needing an X-ray for a mild to moderate trauma, injury or as evaluation of lung health. Going to an ER may require handling paperwork and useless bureaucracy, but also additional costs, since hospital patients have two pay two separate bills, one for services provided by the physician and the other being the hospital fee. 

A Walk In Clinic Provides the Opportunity for Quick, Cost-Effective Diagnosis 

Most medical situations are not life-threatening, do not require complicated surgery or a large hospital equipped with sophisticated diagnostic tools to address the medical problems. When it comes to a quick medical response offered after-hours in a cost-effective manner, including X-rays, blood tests, ultrasound exams, physical evaluations or drug testing, the cost and time effectiveness of a walk in clinic is hard to beat. When you need a simple X-ray as part of trauma, injury, heart or lung health assessment, going to an ER may be a costly endeavor both in terms of money and time. Although emergency units are great at handling severe trauma, life-threatening conditions and patients who are directed for surgery, they are not “flexible” enough when it comes to mild to moderate complaints requiring no extensive medical interventions. This is the reason why an increasing number of patients are going to medical centers like our New Jersey Urgent Care clinic in Robbinsville, where they are provided with rapid, solid medical care without having to wait or pay additional money for basic medical services. 

The Access to X-rays at our New Jersey Urgent Care Clinic is Easy and Quick 

If you need an accurate but quick diagnosis for an injury, trauma, chest pain, cough or other bothersome medical symptoms, then you may want to think twice before going to an ER, where simple blood tests or an X-ray scan may be accompanied by a load of paperwork, unnecessary additional costs and a potential 24-hour stay in the hospital. Instead, consider trusting the experience and talent of our medical professionals, and benefit from the after-hours medical care provided at our walk in clinic in Robbinsville, where a rapid imaging and blood test diagnosis will be formulated quickly and professionally, which allows us to start treatment without wasting precious time and prevent the worsening of the existing symptoms. 

Moderate-Intensity Sports Activities Help Children Grow Healthier and Stronger


I am a 10-year old boy, and I play baseball at school as a pitcher. I don’t know whether I try too hard to be good at baseball or I don’t have enough strengthSports Injuries yet, but I started to feel pain in my right shoulder after practice. It was not sharp, but still bothered me, and I would feel worried and fearful before each practice. We live in Thornton, Colorado, and my mother took me to the AfterOurs walk in clinic, where doctors knowledgeable in sports injuries took a series of X-rays and examined my shoulder to find out what is wrong with it. The doctor who was responsible for my medical care and assessment concluded that is was nothing severe, just a shoulder overuse issue that resulted in a “ligament sprain and shoulder imbalance”. Over time, with no treatment, the nerves and tendons that pass through the shoulder could become pinched and shoulder impingement may have occurred. However, the doctor prescribed treatment and rest, so my shoulder injury should be fine in a couple of weeks. My mother had an interesting question for my doctor, which made me curious too. She asked whether sports help or disrupt normal child growth as she noticed that I was shorter than my peers. 

Moderate Physical Activity Enhances Child Growth Through an Increased Production of Growth Hormone 

My doctor said that the influence of sports on my growth largely depends on the type of physical activity that I do. She told us that some physical activity is better than no activity at all, and children who don’t exercise are at a higher risk for weaker muscle development, obesity and even mental health problems. Still, very intense, competitive physical exercise at my age could be harmful too, because my joints, muscles and my nervous system are not adapted enough to the demands of highly competitive athletic activities. The perfect way to ensure a healthy growth of the bones and the muscles is moderate-intensity exercise that does not place a huge burden on the bones or brain. Moderate-intensity physical activity stimulates the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is responsible for bone and muscle growth by making more cells and protein. Practicing sports at a very high intensity would place unnecessary stress on my body, and would cause the production of a stress hormone called cortisol, which does exactly the opposite - and stops the growth of the bones and muscles for a while. 

The Caring and Compassionate Medical Staff at the Urgent Care Locations in Thornton, Denver and Highlands Ranch Offer Great Advice for Young Athletes 

The doctor recommended to adjust the intensity of my baseball training to allow for a better recovery and to avoid sports injuries. Adding swimming to my sports activities would also be beneficial because it helps train the muscles that are not activated in baseball activities, which strengthens the shoulder joint and allows for a better recovery after training sessions. The experienced doctors at the AfterOurs walk in clinic have great advice for children who want to grow stronger and healthier by choosing their physical activities wisely. 

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