An Affordable Annual Check-Up Can Save Thousands of Dollars in Health Care Expenses


 The habit of going to the doctor only when you feel sick is a wrong strategy with a potentially damaging impact on your health and financial security. WhenAnnual Check Up several symptoms become obvious and cause physical distress, the disease is usually in a progressive stage, which may translate into missed days at work, lost financial income and, of course, physical discomfort. An annual physical exam is a surprisingly effective and valuable tool to prevent these unpleasant consequences from happening. With a small, regular investment in your health, you are in the position to prevent multiple common medical problems and save substantial sums of money in health care expenses for treating diseases in their late stages. Our skilled physicians and compassionate nurses working at the AfterOurs Urgent Care clinics serving the Highlands Ranch, Thornton and Denver communities in Colorado, and Robbinsville, NJ, are able to offer an affordable medical exam that can protect your health for many months or alert our medical professionals about even the slightest changes in your physical and mental fitness and well-being. 

An Annual Check-Up is the Perfect Occasion for a Pleasant Communication With Your Doctor 

Believe it or not, our doctors prefer to talk about preserving your health, adjusting your diet or healthy way to exercise instead of dealing with severe symptoms of a disease and see you in profound physical distress. Our doctors enjoy your annual physical exam as a short, non-stressful diagnostic session just as much as you do, because they know that you are less likely to return with a severe medical problem in the near future if you follow their simple recommendations. During the yearly medical exam, our medical staff enjoys offering precious dietary, exercise and mental health advice for a solid protection of your physical and emotional well-being for an entire year. It is the most suitable time to discuss your health concerns in a pleasant atmosphere without any sense of urgency, including sensitive issues like your sexual life, depressive episodes or negative habits, such as smoking or alcohol abuse.

Medical Disorders Preventable During a Regular, Annual Check-Up 

Schedule an affordable yet valuable yearly physical exam at one of our AfterOurs Urgent Care clinics and our doctors will evaluate your vision, will check your cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, will evaluate your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, arthritis or rheumatic disorders. Our medical team pays special attention to mild but frequent complaints, such as low back pain or headaches, because they lower the quality of your life or may be an alert sign of a more serious disease. Sexual problems are also gently evaluated and sensitive issues are thoroughly discussed, followed by a solid treatment regimen or advice on how to adjust your lifestyle to avoid complications. Don’t take risks when it comes to your bodily health and work productivity. Consulting a doctor only when severe symptoms occur is a bad plan that may ruin your health and finances. Keep in mind that some health changes are irreversible if they are not addressed on time, so don’t miss your annual medical evaluation to ensure a solid monitoring of your health by our experienced physicians. 

Professional Guidance During Exercise is Needed to Avoid Sprains


Many individuals who are enthusiastic about starting physical training, either for weight loss, muscle toning or for competitive events, suffer from ankle sprain or wrist sprain because they don’t have enoughSports Injury knowledge about proper exercise form or they lack professional fitness guidance in their endeavors. One of the best pieces of advice offered by our experienced physicians at the Denver, Highlands Ranch and Thornton-based AfterOurs Urgent Care clinics in Colorado and Robbinsville, NJ, is not to ignore a thorough warm-up routine before each physical training session. During warm-up, perform low-intensity exercise using the full range of motion of your joints to achieve an increased blood flow in your joints and to enhance the flexibility of your ligaments, which prepares them from the physical stress experienced during the following training session. Sprains happen when the ligaments are overstretched, which may or may not result in their partial or full rupture. If the unnatural movement that caused a sprained ankle or a sprained wrist is powerful enough, it may cause a bone fracture, which may require immobilization with a plaster cast or even surgery. The only way to properly evaluate a sprain is to look for symptoms such as local swelling, muscular weakness, inability to perform movements involving the affected joint and pain. Bone fractures can be ruled out through X-rays

Follow the Advice of a Qualified Fitness Instructor or Sports Coach When Starting Physical Training 

Although most sprained joints heal naturally with sufficient rest and little or no medical intervention, some sprains may result in costly consequences or surgery if medical attention is ignored. A qualified instructor can guide you through the warm-up routine, can choose the suitable exercises and adjust the used weights or resistance depending on your fitness level or cardiovascular health. A fitness instructor can also alert you when using bad form or performing unnatural movements that place a huge physical stress on your joints, which effectively prevents an ankle or a wrist sprain

Sprain Treatment Consists in Rest and Joint Immobilization 

Mild injuries may not require medical intervention at all. However, only a physician is qualified to decide whether the sports injury requires only rest and abstinence from sports, or additional treatment, such as anti-inflammatory medication or immobilization of the joint, is necessary. If the sprain looks suspicious, an X-ray can be ordered at our clinics to exclude a bone fracture or a hematoma. Wrist splints, braces, and rarely plaster casts may be applied to achieve an adequate immobilization of the affected region to ensure proper healing and ligament regeneration. Our medical staff stresses the importance of rehabilitation exercise following prolonged periods of joint immobilization, which should be performed under the supervision of a sports medicine or physical therapy specialist. It allows the joint to regain its functionality and ensures the recovery of a full range of motion in that joint. If our physicians identify a complete rupture of the ligaments, the patient is usually directed for surgical treatment, which consists in the attachment of the ligament fibers to the bones. Ignoring sprain symptoms means playing “Russian roulette” with your health, which is why even mild injuries need a detailed assessment by an experienced doctor.  

Long-Term Consequences of Repeated Concussions are Difficult to Predict


Concussions are head injuries that do not result in visible damage to the structures of the brain, and the symptoms are caused by temporary disruptions in theConcussions normal brain functions. In theory, the brain is able to recover completely after a concussive injury, which is why a concussion is also known as a mild traumatic brain injury. At the AfterOurs Urgent Care medical facilities serving the residents of Highlands Ranch, Denver and Thornton, CO, and Robbinsville, NJ, our medical crews experienced in emergency medical care treat numerous patients with repeated concussions, most of them being football players, gymnasts or other participants in contact sports. Sports concussions are often hard to identify because blows to the head are a common occurrence in football or hockey players. The athletes may ignore subtle changes in their mental functioning, especially when the adrenaline levels are high during sports training or competitions. The coaches may also neglect the regular medical examination of their athletes if they don’t detect visible signs of brain impairment or muscular weakness. Unfortunately, concussions in sports can be repetitive, and the effects may accumulate over time. Our doctors consistently stress the importance of regular sports physicals and adequate rest following mild head traumas to rule out the complications of a potentially undiagnosed concussion. Many concussive injuries are not followed by any medical care because the symptoms are not intense enough to alert the sufferer or the coaches. 

Repetitive Concussion Sufferers may Exhibit Gradual Cognitive Impairment and a Higher Risk for Early Dementia and Parkinson’s 

The medical theory states that concussions do not cause identifiable alterations in the brain structure or function, and only temporary symptoms occur as a result of a high-impact head blow or vibration that exceed the ability of the cerebrospinal fluid to absorb the forces. However, the medical practice is abundant in cases when the sufferers of repeated concussive traumas have developed significant brain alterations in the long run. The risk is especially high when subsequent concussions in sports occur before the previous concussive trauma has completely healed. After a head injury, there is always some degree of brain swelling, which temporarily disrupts the brain functioning and may cause concussion symptoms, such as mental confusion, temporary speech impairment, sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting, headaches and mood instability. Only a minority of concussive injuries are accompanied by a loss of consciousness, but all sports concussions are associated with a mild memory loss, which most frequently involves difficulty recalling events that happened right after the trauma. 

A concussion is evaluated at the AfterOurs Urgent Care walk in clinics through X-rays, a detailed physical assessment and an extended monitoring of the patient to identify subtle changes in his or her mental functions, cognitive capacity, motor coordination and emotional stability. If brain damage is suspected, including blood accumulations inside the skull as a result of the trauma, the patient may be directed for a more detailed neurological assessment that includes a CT or MRI scan and a specialized testing of neurological function and motor coordination. A concussive injury is rarely severe and dramatic enough to result in the recommendation to abandon athletic activities or any other form of physical training. 

Our Physicians Provide Affordable Medical Management of the Most Common Sports Injuries


At the AfterOurs Urgent Care facilities in Robbinsville, New Jersey, and Denver, Highlands Ranch and Thornton, Colorado, we are concerned about the physicalSports Injury well-being of your children and their safe and healthy participation in sports. Our superbly trained medical crews are ready to offer emergency care to address any health problems that may occur in young athletes or individuals passionate about sports. Our physicians are able to recognize the most common sports injuries and elaborate a cost-effective recovery plan to facilitate the ability of your children to return to sports as soon as possible. Sprains, strains, shoulder overuse injuries, muscle imbalances and bone fractures are only a few sports injury categories that our doctors are able to treat at the AfterOurs Urgent Care walk in clinics. 

Rotator Cuff Tear is a Common Baseball Injury 

Baseball players use their shoulders in a repetitive manner, which may general muscle imbalances, tendon inflammations and eventually a rotator cuff tear. There are four major muscles that are attached to the bones of the shoulders through tendons, and they are very well developed in baseball players. With repetitive, powerful movements during throwing, the tendons can become stretched and damaged by the huge force developed by the well-trained muscles, and it may eventually cause the rupture of the muscle tendons. If the tear is partial, and no substantial muscle instability is involved, the athlete may benefit from conservative treatment, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, locally administered painkillers and injections with a powerful anti-inflammatory cortisol-based drug to relieve the swelling. Immobilization of the joint and enough rest are almost always required, followed by a well-designed rehabilitation program that includes exercises for the shoulder. Baseball players may also suffer from sports injuries such as a shoulder impingement, which is caused by the inflammation of the muscle tendons and ligaments that pass through the narrow space between the three shoulder bones. Shoulder impingement is “facilitated” by excessively developed front muscles, such as the chest, biceps and front deltoids, and a weak development of back muscles, which results in unstable shoulders that are pulled forward. 

Football Players are at a High Risk for Head Injuries 

Football is a sport that involves high-force impacts, including blows to the head. Sports physicals for football players are highly recommended due to the repeated physical stress experienced by their bodies, which may cause mild or moderate injuries if the young athlete does not recover properly after previous injuries. Head traumas need a special attention, and our experienced medical teams at the AfterOurs walk in medical clinics make sure to perform a careful assessment of the athlete, including the physical signs of brain damage, cardiovascular distress, or physical exhaustion. Ignoring the warm-up routines recommended by coaches greatly increases the risk of ankle and wrist sprains, or rotator cuff tears. Concussions are relatively frequent occurrences in football players, and many of them may go unnoticed by the coaches. If you suspect that your child has suffered from a concussion during football training or another sport injury, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at any of our walk in clinics to benefit from a careful and detailed assessment of your child’s brain functions and cognitive performance. X-rays may be needed to rule out bone fractures or hematoma collections inside the skull.    

School Physicals are Highly Recommended Before Each School Year


 “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano” is how an old Latin saying goes, which has guided doctors in their work through the centuries. Translates in English, it means “ASchool Physical Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body”, and it emphasizes the necessary condition to have a healthy body in order to perform intellectual tasks and think clearly during academic activities at school. At the AfterOurs Urgent Care medical facilities in Denver, Highlands Ranch and Thornton in Colorado and Robbinsville in New Jersey, our knowledgeable physicians put a lot of effort into protecting the health of school children through annual physicals that ensure their full bodily and mental functioning at school. In fact, we believe that there is hardly a more effective disease prevention tool than an yearly child physical before every academic year. Although the medical exam is short, it offers a general picture about the health, physical fitness and growth parameters of your child. If any problem is detected during kids physicals, our talented medical team can order more specialized, detailed tests to investigate the symptoms and find the root of the health abnormality. 

School Physicals Monitor the Growth and Mental Development of Your Kids 

Even though your child may look healthy, sharp and active, his or her growth may be delayed by certain factors that are identifiable only by medical professionals. If the growth rate, body weight, height or muscular development of your kid are inadequate, our medical staff can look for factors that exert a negative influence, such as a nutritional deficiency, a hormone-related problem, excessive stress or abuse at school, poor appetite or some type of metabolic disease. Subtle changes in your child’s behavior are also attentively observed during a child physical to identify the first alarm signs of common mental health disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which may explain the inability of your kid to focus on school tasks, bipolar disorder or anxiety disorders, which may affect your child’s social communication with his or her classmates, friends and teachers. 

The Stages of School Physicals 

The back-to-school medical exam performed at the AfterOurs Colorado locations in Denver, Thornton or Highlands Ranch, or at the New Jersey facility in Robbinsville, consists of two major components, which are the medical history and the physical evaluation. The medical history involves collecting and analyzing information about diseases of other family members, which may exert a genetic influence on your child, previous medical disorders experienced by your child, injuries, traumatic emotional events in his or her life, the vaccination history, the diet and negative habits exhibited by family members at home, such as smoking or alcohol consumption. The physical examination consists in evaluating the vitals like the heart rate and the arterial blood pressure, assessment of all body systems and mental development tests. If a medical problem is found, our physicians can refer your child for a specialized medical evaluation and additional, more informative tests that should reveal the nature of the discovered health alteration. Call us and we will provide more information about the various medical exams that we can perform to ensure the health of your entire family.  

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