Experienced Pediatricians are Ready to Monitor Your Child’s Health and Growth


Pediatrics is one of the most complex medical specialties because a pediatrician needs to be skilled and knowledgeable in virtually every medical field. Adults have separate doctors who treatPediatrics medicalpediatric s

disorders affecting the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, also known as the hormone producing glands, and other body components. A pediatrician, however, needs to possess solid knowledge from almost all medical “branches”, such as cardiology, neurology, endocrinology and others, and integrate it cohesively to be able to diagnose and treat diseases affecting the children. Evaluating the health status of a child as a whole, without the traditional medical separation that is applied in the “adult” medicine, is essential and vital for an adequate physical and mental development because any minor undetected health abnormality may directly influence the growth of a boy or a girl. Moreover, a pediatrician needs to be very skilled at communicating with the children and identifying hidden signs of a disease because the young patients may not have the ability to explain their medical complaints very clearly, especially if they did not reach the school age. At the AfterOurs Urgent Care clinics that are situated in the Colorado communities Denver, Highlands Ranch and Thornton, and in Robbinsville, NJ, pediatrics and child health protection are a primary focus in the work of our talented medical crews. 

What is Included in a Pediatric Evaluation? 

When one of our pediatricians examines your child, he or she is assessing multiple physical, mental and developmental parameters in a cohesive manner. First, our child health experts exclude severe symptoms that affect the vital organs. The blood pressure, heart rate and the child’s respiratory functioning are carefully evaluated for signs of severe dysfunction. Once any severe and prominent cardiovascular or respiratory disorder is ruled out, our physicians start the assessment of your child’s physical development. The kid’s height, weight, muscle mass, strength and coordination are measured and then compared to normal reference values associated with a given age group. If any abnormal parameters are identified, such as a short stature or insufficiently developed muscles, our pediatricians search for the root of the problem, which may be a poor nutrition, psychological abuse at school, a metabolic condition that impairs food absorption and bodily growth, a neurological or psychiatric disorder that negatively influences the growth through poor nutritional habits or high levels of stress. 

Prevention of Common Infections Through Vaccinations is Another Mission of a Pediatrician

Pediatrics also include the implementation of solid infection prevention strategies because bacterial and viral infections are the most common medical problems affecting the children. Although isolating the child from an infected individual to avoid contamination is a great short-term method to prevent an infection, the best long-term protection is vaccination. The job of a pediatrician is to administer the standard vaccines at the suitable age to ensure maximal protection at the appropriate time. If you have pets at your house, our physicians can evaluate the risk of your child to develop pet allergy symptoms. With the prevalence of asthma and allergies among children rising every decade, the importance of a pediatrician in identifying the first signs of allergic reactions or asthma episodes cannot be overstated. Schedule an appointment with one of our talented doctors, and the physical condition, mental functioning or any bothersome symptoms exhibited by your child will be carefully evaluated to ensure a happy, trouble-free childhood for your kid and peace of mind for your family. 

The Recovery Time After A Bone Fracture Can Be Minimized Through Timely, Professional Medical Care


Bone fractures can become great impediments in the career and training of athletes because they are usually associated with discontinuation of their workouts and training routines, which may lead to muscleBone Fracture loss, impaired physical endurance and missing important competitive events. In fact, a fracture can complicate the life of any individual, regardless of his or her occupation and interests, because a prolonged recovery time may disrupt the normal work flow and negatively affect several life processes, including family life. Our highly skilled physicians who are experienced in emergency orthopedic treatment make sure to provide a rapid yet high-quality assessment of any type of fracture at the AfterOurs Urgent Care walk in clinics located in the Colorado communities of Denver, Thornton and Highlands Ranch, but also at the New Jersey facility located in Robbinsville. Minimizing the chance of side effects and complications, such as displaced bone fragments, swelling or infection, is a top priority of our dedicated medical personnel who put a lot of effort into reducing the impact of bone fracture recovery on a patient’s life and career. Solid medical care supplemented with great lifestyle and nutrition advice provides a powerful combination that ensures a rapid healing of any injury evaluated by our medical staff. 

X-Rays Offer a Rapid “Picture” of the Fragmented Bones 

Multiple imaging tools have been developed in the last decades, some of which offer high-quality images that can be evaluated tri-dimensionally, such as MRI and CT machines. However, nothing can compare to the cost-effectiveness, quickness and overall utility of a basic X-ray machine, which proves to be extremely valuable in emergency traumatic cases where a rapid medical assessment is more important than detailed, expensive tests. Starting treatment for bone fractures as soon as possible is crucial in reducing the potential for bone displacements, improper healing, infection and physical pain. Compared to the ER departments of large hospitals, smaller urgent care clinics like the AfterOurs medical facilities situated in Colorado and New Jersey can employ X-ray diagnosis rapidly without unnecessary delays caused by paperwork and bureaucracy. What type of medical information can be obtained through a detailed X-ray exam for a traumatic injury? If a patient comes to our clinics exhibiting typical fracture symptoms, such as severe pain, inability to move the affected limb, swelling and redness of the skin in the affected region, then an X-ray machine can be used to evaluate the internal anatomical circumstances, such as the number of bone fragments, their shape, their position, displacement and relationship to the adjacent soft tissues or vital organs. 

Bone Fractures are Treated Depending on Their Classification and Parameters 

Our experienced physicians treat every traumatic injury with individual care and adjust the treatment plan depending on the injury type and its complications. A bone fracture can be classified depending on several parameters. Most fractures have two bone fragments, but the treatment may be complicated if the number of fragments is more than three and some of them are displaced from their original anatomical location. Also, fractures can be closed or open, depending on the skin integrity, which requires additional evaluation for infection signs. Open fractures are usually treated with antibiotic therapy because our physicians do not risk exposing the patient to any complications like an infection. A rapid evaluation, classification of the fracture type and application of immediate treatment dramatically reduce the potential for unpleasant complications, and therefore minimize the recovery time. 

A Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE) is Required Before Enlisting in any Type of Athletic School Program


The number of severe injuries, dramatic cardiovascular events and deaths among young athletes remains surprisingly high, which is in part due to theSports Physical negligence of parents and school administration to arrange accurate, detailed sports physicals before children are allowed to participate in sports training and competitive athletic events. “My kid is healthy” is no longer a valid argument to neglect physicals for sports because the consequences may be tragic, and in some cases, even lethal. There is no reason, however, to panic and view an athletic physical as a mandatory, stressful and boring medical check-up. Currently, most schools require a pre-participation medical exam before allowing a child to undergo athletic training and compete in sports events. Our experienced medical team offering affordable, gentle medical care at the AfterOurs Urgent Care facilities located in Denver, Highlands Ranch, Thornton, CO, and Robbinsville, NJ, firmly believes in the utility of sports physicals and their capacity to enable the diagnosis of multiple health problems before they result in dramatic symptoms. In most cases, the discovered health problems do not result in the recommendation to abandon athletic activities completely. Instead, prevention steps, medication and special precautionary measures implemented by parents and coaches are usually enough to ensure a safe participation of your kid in sports. 

Why are Sports Physicals Necessary and Valuable?

During intense physical exercise, the body and the mind of a child experience an increased tension that may reveal health problems that are not observable routinely. For example, a small imperfection in the way the heart valves operate may go unnoticed for years, but may cause cardiovascular symptoms, such as an irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath, during high-intensity physical exertion at an athletic event. Nobody wants to see a child collapse to the ground because his or her parents were negligent enough to forget about a football physical that would have alerted them about a cardiovascular problem. During sports physicals, our doctors may detect a high risk for a certain disease without its signs or symptoms to be present yet. By evaluating the medical history of your child, genetic influences and nutritional habits, our doctors are able to make solid medical recommendations that help avoid the potential problem from occurring in the future.  For example, if both parents are overweight and have high blood cholesterol, a healthy diet and annual medical exams may help prevent the same problems in the young athlete and ensure a solid protection of his or her cardiovascular system. 

A football physical is especially valuable due to the nature of the sport, which involves abrupt movements, sprints, heavy physical impact, and requires an excellent cardiovascular fitness and adequate bone strength. Athletic physicals at the AfterOurs Urgent Care walk in clinics are performed by physicians who possess in-depth knowledge and refined skills in sports medicine, and they consists in brief, non-stressful tests and a physical evaluation that does not cause any sort of discomfort to the young athlete. Schedule an affordable physical exam for sports at one of our clinics, and your child will be enjoying sports in a safe and pleasant manner without you being worried about his or her health.   

X-Rays are a Basic Medical Test for Emergency Care


X-rays have been used for decades as the primary imaging medical test for the diagnosis of emergency situations, such as bone fractures, head traumas, compression tumors and cysts, kidney or gallbladder stones, and intestinal obstruction. This valuable imaging test has not lost any of its relevance or utility over the years in spite of the development of more sophisticated, costly equipment like CT or MRI machines. The quickness and the precision of the diagnosis offered by an X-ray machine is hard to match in a medical emergent situation. X-ray services will not be replaced for many years and decades to come for diagnosis of injuries, especially in rural areas where a CT is difficult to find, too costly and, in most cases, is unnecessary. The AfterOurs Urgent Care walk in clinics serving the population of Highlands Ranch, Denver and Thornton, CO, and the Robbinsville community in New Jersey, provide cost-effective emergency medical care, including quick and affordable X-ray services as part of injury diagnosis and management. 

An X-Ray is Useful in Several Emergency Circumstances 

A bone X-ray is probably the most valuable application of this imaging test in the assessment of bone fractures. It enables the identification of the position, number and displacement of the fragmented bones. A skull X-ray is used by our highly trained emergency intervention medical crews to formulate an accurate diagnosis for patients who come in after suffering a head injury. These types of injuries are frequent in football players, individuals suffering from slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, physical assault and other categories of unfortunate traumatic events. A skull X-ray has another critical application in emergency medical care provided at the AfterOurs Urgent Care facilities, and it consists in evaluating the signs of increased cranial pressure. It may cause persistent headaches, vomiting and temporary visual impairment due to the compression effects of a brain tumor or a blood collection, also known as a hematoma. The inflammation and infection of the outer layer of the brain, also known as meningitis, can also cause similar symptoms accompanied by fever, and it also represents a medical emergency.

X-Rays Help Doctors Evaluate Spine Problems 

Back pain is among the most common symptoms exhibited by patients in the United States, and it is one of the most frequent causes of visits to medical facilities. Back pain can be annoying in mild cases and disabling in severe cases. A spinal X-ray may reveal several abnormalities of the vertebral column, such as vertebral misalignment, a herniated disc, vertebral fractures as a result of injuries or car accidents, a rheumatic disease affecting the vertebrae, or a nerve root compression caused by displaced vertebrae or any of the spinal abnormalities mentioned above. Our doctors advise against abusing painkillers when confronted with severe back pain. Instead, you may want to start an accurate evaluation of your spinal anatomy through an affordable and quick X-ray exam that may reveal structural abnormalities, which allows our doctors to formulate a solid physical therapy plan. Surgery is rarely needed for spinal problems that are detected in early phases through a spinal X-ray. 

Diseases and Circumstances That May Increase the Risk of Bone Fractures


Broken bones are usually a result of a highly traumatic injury caused by a substantial impact or physical tension placed on the bone. Healthy individuals with a normal bone density and structure can experience a fractured bone if the force or stress exerted by an external factor is greater than the internal resistance of the bone. However, individuals with a low bone density caused by specific diseases can suffer from fractured bones caused by common, mild or moderate-impact injuries that would not cause broken bones in a healthy person. For example, an individual with a low bone density may suffer from a broken ankle after jumping or twisting his or her ankle during running or walking. At the AfterOurs Urgent Care walk in clinics serving the Colorado communities in Highlands Ranch, Denver and Thornton, and the Robbinsville community in New Jersey, the job of our experienced physicians is not limited to treating fractures through the reduction of the bone fragments, and immobilization. Our talented medical professionals try to identify the internal cause of physical trauma when the injuries are repetitive or look suspicious. In most cases, the cause of a fractured bone is a high-intensity impact experienced by the bone, which exceeds its internal strength and flexibility. However, sometimes, the cause is an abnormally low bone density rather than the force of the impact. 

Women After Menopause Are at a Greater Risk for Osteoporosis 

Medical researchers have concluded that the female sexual hormone estrogen exerts a protective effect on the bone strength. Specifically, estrogen seems to facilitate a normal bone density through the incorporation of calcium and an increased synthesis of collagen, which offer both strength and flexibility to a woman’s bones. When menopause occurs, estrogen levels fall dramatically, and the hormone protection against weak bones becomes insufficient. Women at menopause represent the largest category of individuals suffering from osteoporosis, which is the medical name for a low bone density. Osteoporosis can result in bone fractures after mild or moderate traumatic events, and the injuries may be complicated by bone displacements or multiple fragments. Our highly trained medical professionals are familiar with the typical signs of osteoporosis in women after menopause. Besides the emergency treatment of fractured bones, our doctors investigate the root of the problem and implement the necessary treatment, which may consists in hormone replacement therapy, bisphosphonates, which is medication used to treat a low bone density, calcium and vitamin D supplements. 

Individuals with Bone Cancer or Osteogenesis Imperfects May Experience Repetitive Bone Fractures 

If fractured bones occur frequently, then a medical professional should investigate the cause of fragile bones. Bone cancer consists in tumor cell growth inside the bones, with are rarely primary tumors. Usually, bone tumors spread from other organs or body systems, which are known as metastasis or secondary tumors. Frequent, repetitive injuries resulting in fractured bones may be a sign of a bone tumor, and it should be accurately investigated through an X-ray or an MRI scan. There is a genetic condition called osteogenesis imperfects, which involves a genetically inferior quality of the bone and a low bone density. It may result in fractured bones experienced frequently by the sufferer. Contact our medical team at any of the AfterOurs Urgent Care facilities in Colorado or New Jersey if you need a rapid and affordable evaluation, management and treatment of an injury. 

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